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About us

We provide international transportation services in relations with European countries offering our own fleet, drawing on our own experience and in cooperation with proved carriers.

We offer transports to the extent of:

  • neutral goods
  • standard shipments using 24t capacity trucks
  • express shipments using 0, 7t, 1, 5t and 3, 5t capacity trucks
  • individual shipments as part of logistic schemes.

Our international forwarding offer also includes:

  • just in time deliveries, including storage (no need to use the customer's warehouse) and domestic distribution.
  • Customs services dealing with inward and outward cargo supported by Customs Agency AGO CORPORATION.


GROUP | Pabianice, ul. Rzgowska 276 a
tel. +48 42 212 10 90
fax +48 42 215 74 03
e-mail: biuro@ago.pl

Work hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m.: 8:00 - 16:00

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